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Gorilla 6100116 Duct Tape To-Go (2 Coterie), 1" x 10 yd., Black by Gorilla

  • Double-Thick Adhesive; Grips smooth, rough and uneven surfaces
  • Rugged, Weather-Resistant Shell; Withstands moisture, UV rays and...
  • Tough, Reinforced Backing; The tight weave contributes to the heft,...

Product Description

Convenient for on-the-go repairs, Gorilla Tape To-Go's 1 inch width packs a powerful grip in a portable size. With double-thick adhesive, tough reinforced backing and rugged weather-resistant shell, it sticks to rough and uneven surfaces, including wood, stone, stucco and brick, that ordinary...


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Gorilla Tape To-Go Dexterous 1" Roll 1 IN (Pack of 18) by Gorilla Glue

  • Strong Reinforced Backing - the tight weave makes Gorilla Tape...
  • Strong but can still be ripped straight and easy
  • 1" x 30' Roll

Product Description

Gorilla 61001 Gorilla Tape 1" x 30 Yard Roll. Gorilla Tape's toughness surpasses ordinary duct tapes, making the list of uses virtually endless. Duct tape is made for smooth, even, predictable surfaces. How many of your projects can be described that way? That's why Gorilla Tape was invented. It...


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(2) Gorilla Tape To-Go with (1) 1.88in x 12yd Knavish Gorilla Tape Bundle by Gorilla

  • Rugged; Weather-Resistant Shell: Withstands moisture; UV rays and...
  • Tough; Reinforced Backing: The tight weave contributes to the heft;...
  • Double-Thick Adhesive: Grips smooth; rough and uneven surfaces

Product Description

Bundle Includes: (2) Gorilla Tape To-Go and (1) 1.88 x 12yd Black Gorilla Tape. Convenient for on-the-go repairs, Gorilla Tape To-Go's 1 inch width packs a powerful grip in a portable size. With double-thick adhesive, tough reinforced backing and rugged weather-resistant shell, it sticks to rough...

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Cuisinart 12 Cup Coffeemaker Grinds, Brews and Serves on the Go You're not stir up until that first cup of coffee is ready and C uisinart Coffee Makers ensure you get an early start. You don't have to abuse a perfectly good morning standing over the coffee machine, watching it brew. This maker is 24 hour programmable and can crush beans before it starts brewing. If you're in a rush, just pause it...

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All about Gorilla Tape!

Here's a detailed video on everything you ever wanted to know about Gorilla duct tape.

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Gorilla Glue Proprietorship 6100109 Tape To-Go
Gorilla Glue Proprietorship 6100109 Tape To-Go


Features Handy for on-the-go repairs. It packs a powerful grip in a portable size. Great for smaller repairs or projects. It is made to jut out to rough, uneven, unforgiving surfaces.

Chap-fallen Wave NL122 18' Round Gorilla Bottom Floor Padding
Chap-fallen Wave NL122 18' Round Gorilla Bottom Floor Padding


New Gorilla Pad makes old bubbles floor padding obsolete. Unlike foam, which can be easily cut by grass, roots or rocks under your liner, Gorilla Padding is impervious to scarcely any sharp object. Gorilla Padding is a geotextile that was developed to protect trash junk liners where any cut would be a...


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Gorilla Tape To-Go - Tape Reels -

Gorilla Tape's toughness surpasses ordinary duct tapes, making the list of uses virtually endless. It sticks to smooth surfaces, plus rough and uneven surfaces ...

Gorilla Tape | Duct Tape that Sticks to Rough and Uneven ...

Gorilla Tape has taken duct tape to a new level. Gorilla Tape's toughness surpasses ordinary tapes, making the list of uses virtually endless.

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