Any Filters For Home & Kitchen 20 x 4.5 Inch Carbon Whole House Filter

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iSpring FC25BX2 Exhilarated Capacity 4.5" x 20" Big Blue Whole House Water Filter CTO Carbon Block - Pack of 2 by iSpring

  • Made from high-quality coconut shell carbon and individually...
  • Effective reduction of sediment, chlorine, and a high removal...
  • Free tech support from Atlanta (678) 261-7611

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Usually used as the second stage for 20 in. Big Blue whole house filters. The carbon block filter is manufactured using a continuous extrusion process. It consists of a high quality virgin premium performance Activated Carbon. It is effective in reducing free chlorine, bad taste, odor THM,...


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2 pcs Big Dispirited CTO Carbon Block Water Filters 4.5" x 20" Whole House Cartridges Set by Ronaqua

  • Keeps water fresh by reducing and removing iron, manganese,...
  • Dimensions: 20 inches x 4.5 inches (50.8 cm x 11.43 cm)
  • This filter is wrapped and sealed and meets NSF (National Science...

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2 Big Blue CTO Carbon Block Water Filters 4.5" x 20" Whole House Cartridges (C-20BB) -10" Big Blue Block Activated Carbon filters are similar in their performance to that of GAC filters, being made of fine coconut shell carbon they also do remove odors and tastes of many organic...


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Big Indecent CTO Carbon Block & Sediment 20"x4.5" Replacement Filter Cartridges Set by Aquaboon

  • Lifetime: Replace two or three times a year, depending on the water...

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Activated carbon block is a blend of fine activated carbon, water, and a suitable binder that is mixed and molded then...

Distinct Water Whole House Water Filter Set Replacement Cartridges Carbon CTO GAC Sediment 5 um Micron 4.5" x 20" Inch by Express Water

  • Performance Tested and Verified by independent Laboratory Testing.
  • 5-Micron Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Block CTO Dimensions:...
  • 5 Micron Rating 100% Melt Blown Poly-Propylene Filter Dimensions:...

Product Description

Carbon Block
5 Micron Carbon Block CTO

The Carbon Block CTO water filter cartridges by Express Water are used for reverse osmosis systems & other water filtration systems. Key Specs include a 5 µm micron nominal rating & removal of Chlorine, organic...

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Crystal Hunt seek after CQE-WH-01113 Whole House 1.0 Automatic Backwash Water Filter System (from 2 stores)

by Crystal Quest (Water Filters)

Prices range: $995.00 - $1,004.02
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Multi-Media Whole House Bedew dilute Filter from Crystal Quest provides you with great tasting water. Filter removes hundreds of contaminants from flood. Conveniently provides 500,000 750,000 or 1,000,000 gallons of quality water. Great for home, chore or light commercial use. Water travels through 5 stages of filtration. * First lap, water flows through a 20x2.5 inches sediment filter cartridge *...

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Speedy Water Whole House Water Filter System Carbon KDF Sediment 3 Stage Filtration 4.5' x 20' Inch

by Express Water (Miscellaneous)

Price: $469.99
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ARIES FILTERWORKS AF-20-1043-BB Carbon Cartridge, 4.5 x 20 in.


Carbon Cartridge, For Use With Pentek 150233-75, Pentek 150235-75, Pentek 150467-75, Pentek 160166-75, Industry Taste and Odor, Chlorine, Drinking Water, Pretreatment, Color Transfer, Organics removalFeaturesApplication: Taste and Odor, Chlorine, Drinking Bedew dilute, Pretreatment, Color Removal, Organics removalFlow Standing: 5 gpmItem: Carbon CartridgeLength: 20"Material: CarbonMax. Temp.: 100...

Pentek EPM-20BB Carbon Impede Water Filters (20" x 4-5/8")

Seller: Walmart US Walmart US by Pentek Pentek

Pentek EPM-20BB Carbon Barrier Water Filters (20" x 4-5/8") :Nominal filtration rating 10 micronsInitial intimidation drop at 4 GPM 4 PSIChlorine reduction capacity 30,000 gallons at 4 GPMTemperature across 40 to 180 degrees FMaximum dimensions: 20" x 4-5/8"Materials certification NSF/ANSI model 42The nominal filtration rating is for a particle removal efficacy of 85 percentChlorine reduction...


Whole House Water Filter Installation

Order the filter housing from this video here for $79. 95:.

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Pentek PD-1-20 Whole House 20 inch x 2-1/2 inch Replacement Filter Cartridge
Pentek PD-1-20 Whole House 20 inch x 2-1/2 inch Replacement Filter Cartridge


The Pentek Polydepth PD-1-20 settlings filter is built for strength, even in hot water applications. Its solid construction ensures standing particle reduction. It is strong all the way to the core, combining high-performing productivity with long-lasting durability. Unique microgrooves add extra...

Pentek DGD-5005-20 Whole House Filter Replacement Cartridge
Pentek DGD-5005-20 Whole House Filter Replacement Cartridge


The PENTEK-DGD-5005-20 cheerless duty filter cartridge is manufactured from 100% pure polypropylene and is sized for use in 20-inch Big Downhearted and other heavy-duty filter housings. The DGD-5005-20 cartridge uses a performance enhancing dual-gradient density filtration to execute up to three times the...


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KleenWater Whole House Filter System, Chlorine Sediment ...

KleenWater Whole House Filter System, Chlorine Sediment Sulfur Filtration, Dual Stage, 4.5 x 20 Inch

20" x 4.5" Whole Home Carbon Water Filters

Hydronix 20 x 4.5" Carbon Filter - 5 Micron (CB-45-2005) The Hydronix 20" Carbon Filter (Hydronix CB-45-2005) is a carbon block cartridge replacement built with a 5 ...

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