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Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier, HEPA Air Cleaner, AP51030K by Whirlpool

  • Quiet and easy to use electronic controls
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CEDR) 315
  • Filters air 4.8 times per hour in a 500 square feet room

Product Description

The Whirlpool AP51030K features a three-stage filtration system comprised of a pre-filter, carbon filter, and true HEPA filter. The air purifier’s outside grill acts as a permanent pre-filter by capturing large particles and preventing them from entering the unit. Large particles that find their...


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Whirlpool 1183054K (1183054) Honestly HEPA Filter (Large) - For Air Purifier Models AP450, AP510, AP51030K, AP51030KB and AP45030K, 16x19 inch by Whirlpool

  • Brand New 1183054K True HEPA Replacement Filter - Large.
  • Only for Air Purifier WhirlPool Models: AP450 and AP510.
  • Filter reduces 99.97% airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Product Description

True HEPA replacement for Whirlpool 1183054 large console HEPA filter. Helps remove up to 99.97% of particles from the air, including smoke, dust, pollen, pet hair and dander, mold spores, dust mites, and other allergens. Designed with hard plastic frame and rubber gasket seal to ensure air...

Whirlpool 8171434K (8171434), 4-Drove (Large), Air Purifier Active Carbon Pre-Filters, Fits Air Purifier Model AP51030K, AP45030K, APR45130L, WP500, 18x16.5 inch by Whirlpool

  • Filter captures larger particles from the air, including pet hair...
  • Carbon-based filter designed to remove common household odors...
  • For use with Whirlpool air purifier models AP51030K, AP45030K,...

Product Description

This filter contains a carbon-based filter, which is designed to help remove common household odors (such as smoke, cooking odors and pet odors). This filter conveniently captures 99.7-Percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns from passing through the air, including dust, pollen and smoke. Use...


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HEPA Membrane strain with 4 Pre-Carbon Filters fits Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier Models AP450 AP510 AP45030HO; Replaces Part # 1183054 by Aftermarket

  • Compare to Part # 8171434K, 1183054, 1183054K, 1183054K Large,...
  • Designed & Engineered by LifeSupplyUSA
  • Designed to fit Whispure Air Purifier Models: AP350, AP450 & AP510

Product Description

Complete set of 1 HEPA Filter and 4 Pre Filters

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Whirlpool Unerring HEPA Filter (Large) - HEPA - For Air Purifier - Remove Dust, Remove Airborne Particles, Remove Pet Dander, Doff Smoke, Remove Mold Spores, Remove Pollen, Remove Fabric Fiber - 99.97% Tittle Removal Efficiency - 0 mil Particles - 2.4" H

by Electrolux (Other Heating, Cooling & Air Conditioning Equipment & Accessories)

Price: $99.00
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Whirlpool AP51030K Whispure Air Purifier - Sincere HEPA - 500 Sq. ft. - Off White

by Electrolux (Air Purifiers)

Price: $279.72
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Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K HEPA Air Purifier

Seller: Sylvane Sylvane by Whirlpool Whirlpool

Undo unwanted airborne irritants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke from rooms sized up to 500 fair and square feet using the Whispure 510. This Energy Star-rated air purifier features genuine HEPA filtration, four powerful fan speeds, and an electronic pushbutton check panel. A leading consumer reporting agency recently recommended the Whispure 510 based on its especial combination of...

Whirlpool Whispure AP25030K HEPA Air Purifier

Seller: Sylvane Sylvane by Whirlpool Whirlpool

If you are looking for the most appropriate investment for a small space, then the Whirlpool Whispure 250 is the right acceptance. With reliable performance that comes with all Whirlpool products, you can breathe without even trying knowing that dust, dander, and pollutants are being effectively removed from your indoor setting. Known for their quiet, reliable performance, Whirlpool 250 air purifiers be true HEPA...


Whirlpool Whispure 510 Air Purifier Video | Sylvane

ly/cFlsz The Whirlpool 510 is consistently named a top air purifier for allergy and asthma relief.

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Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier, HEPA Air Cleaner, AP51030K

The Whirlpool AP51030K features a three-stage filtration system comprised of a pre-filter, carbon filter, and true HEPA filter. The air purifier ’s outside grill ...

Whirlpool AP51030K Whispure Air Purifier - Sears

Whirlpool Top-Rated True HEPA Air Purifier with free, one-year supply of pre-filters—a $29.99 value. The WhisPure™ air purifier AP51030K is great for large rooms ...