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Curtailed Home 3500mg Commercial Ozone Generator Dual O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer by Concise Home

  • A special ozone generator - a new design of the outlet, vertical...
  • An ozone generator without worries - we offer a 3 year warranty. 24...
  • An intimate ozone generator - we add a piece of filter cotton to...

Product Description

Why choose our ozone generator air purifier?

Our ozone generator ozone output, in fact, with the competitor 5000mg is the same. But we are very honest, each ozone tablet in the first two hours of use, the ozone output can reach 5000mg, but over time, will decay, reduced to...

Ozone Power 3500 Commercial Air Purifier Cleaner Ozone Generator by Ozone Power

  • NATURAL ODOR REMOVER: Ozone is nature's secret weapon for fighting...
  • WORKS ON ALL ODORS: Smoke, paint, pet, musty basements... you name...
  • CAN BE USED ANYWHERE: Homes, apartments, cars, etc... treat spaces...

Product Description

The Ozone Power OP3500 Commercial Air purifier is simple to use and offers professional strength purification to those looking to control and eliminate odors from mold and mildew, smoke, and more in spaces up to 4,000 square feet. It produces O3 (Ozone) which is a naturally occurring substance...

New Age Living Carriable Ionic Air Purifier - Carbon Filter & Ozone Generator For Smokers - HEPA Filter & Ionizer For Allergies - UV Bulb by New Age Living

  • GREAT WARRANTY: Our 5 year warranty is standard with each unit,...
  • 6 FILTRATION STAGES: Smoke, odors, pollen, dust, mold, and even...
  • ADVANCED FEATURES: Remote control, 2 Ozone plates, away mode timer,...

Product Description

The New Age Living PS3500 Pro uses 6 different purification stages to scrub the air of both large and very small particles, all while removing odor causing pollutants such as mold & mildew found hiding on surfaces in your living environment.

Stage 1 HEPA Filtration: Removes...

Flagitious Commercial Qualtiy New Comfort Ozone Generator and Ioniser for Odor Removal and Air Purification by New Comfort

  • <p>POWERFUL AND QUIET - The variable speed fan offers the option to...
  • <p>GREAT VALUE - This is the least expensive odor removing Ozone...
  • <p>USES 2 CERAMIC OZONE PLATES- Easily removed and washable. Ozone...

Product Description

O3-1000 black finish model from New Comfort looks nice and clean in any area of your home or business. New Comforts 03-1000 ionic and ozone air purifier eliminates just about any odor you can think of including tobacco smoke, fire/water damage, pet urine/dander, paint fumes, chemical gases,...

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New Ease Commercial 3500mg Ozone O3 Air Purifier Generator Model HE-500 (from 2 stores)

by New Comfort (Air Purifiers)

Prices range: $79.98 - $141.98
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The commercial/industrial make it 03 New Comfort Commercial Ozone O3 Air Purifier Model HE-500 will remove even the strongest odors from unoccupied places bloody quickly. The ozone cleans the air similar to how nature can clean. While other cleaners just mask odors, the New Comfort knocks out odors at their originator By attaching to airborne pollutants and through the process of oxidization the system...

Sellers Price Buy Now USA, LLC USA, LLC $79.98 Shop » $141.98 Shop »
New Commercial Industrial Ozone Generator Pro Air Purifier Mold Mildew Odor ATL3500TC

by Atlas Air Purifier (Miscellaneous)

Price: $239.99
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Ozone Power 3500 Commercial Air Purifier Cleaner Ozone Generator


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Best Choice Products SKY1057 Ionic Air Purifier/Ozone Ionizer

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Washable HEPA Ionic Air Purifier Cleaner Ozone Ionizer 300RH02

Washable HEPA ionic Air Purifier Cleaner Ozone Ionizer 300RH02 *Does not meet CA requirements. *Cannot ship to state of CA. Features: Compact and Portable Size